Our Promise to Customers

Our goal is to provide you preventative care for your peace of mind. To make this happen, we are asking our staff to focus on three key TYREPLUS principles and to deliver them every time you visit us.

An Inviting Experience
At TYREPLUS we want you to make the most of your time as you see fit by either working or relaxing in our comfortable waiting areas or interacting with our technicians if you have questions.

We Are Open and Transparent
Too often you are kept in the dark with automotive services both literally and figuratively. You’re asked to hand over your vehicle and wait without any information. At TYREPLUS we want to be clear with you from the beginning and give you all the information you want to ensure that your car is safe and the servicing needs are met. We’ll will always be transparent on what we’re doing and the cost before undertaking work – simply ask one of our friendly staff when you’re in our stores.

Comprehensive Care
At TYREPLUS we are passionate about cars and know that it’s one of the biggest investments people make. Therefore, we are committed to making sure your car is safe and reliable during and after your visit. We anticipate problems rather than reacting to them, and will give you open and honest service excellence rather than simply trying to sell you products and services you may not need.

The TYREPLUS Network
In Thailand, TYREPLUS consists of over ninety retail outlets located throughout the country. Backed by the Michelin Group worldwide, the TYREPLUS brand is an international network of stores with operations in China, India, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Central and South America, Africa and Europe.